13 Early warning signs that your body is crying for help

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Most of us don’t take the Health Care issue seriously. What will you do in case if you have a medical emergency and you don’t have money? Have you ever thought of buying any life and health insurance policies for rainy days?

1-Dry skin like newborn faces :

Newborns usually have dry skin because they are going through a natural Peel off process. But if the same case happens with an adult, then this is a clear sign your body is showing that it needs some medical Health care. Dry skin often occurs due to dehydration, or some allergens may cause your skin to dry. This sign is not good as you will feel discomfort, rashes, and itching all the time until you get some medical treatment. If you know how to take in-home care for the dry skin, you can treat your skin without any medical prevalence.

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2-  Brittle and fragile nails

There are a lot of people who have brittle and fragile nails. The nails often break off after only a few days. And the nails that do grow out maybe not as strong as the first one. This is because in home care there are many factors that are causing the nail to grow weak and brittle. A good home care routine can help you maintain healthy nails.

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3- Cravings for sweet food

If you suddenly have a strong desire to have something sweet, stress, depression or fatigue may be the cause. Your body is asking for glucose. And avoid gaining weight, prefer to take dark chocolate or honey.

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4- Leg cramps

Leg cramps are one of the most common ailments that you can suffer from, but unfortunately not everyone knows the right diagnosis for this condition. This is mainly because this type of cramp is not painful and will only cause a few hours of discomfort. The main symptoms to look out for are numbness and weakness around the legs, particularly the bottom. If you have tried everything possible to help with the leg cramps but still have no relief, you can get some advice from your doctor who may suggest you to use over the counter treatments such as creams or cold packs. However, if the problem persists, it is recommended that you seek the services of a specialist in home care such as a physician or a chiropractor.

Do you know how leg cramps work? To get to the root of this problem, it is first necessary to understand exactly what happens inside your body when you suffer from a leg cramp. When your muscles become too tense, they will contract. As a result, they pinch your ligaments and make it harder for you to move. Your muscles will then become painful and you will be forced to sit down or stand. In this case, if you use an over the counter painkiller such as ibuprofen, it will only ease the pain temporarily. Even though you may feel better at first, in the long run, you will find that you are back to square one.

Leg cramps can also be caused by injury or even by stress. What causes leg cramps is the lack of blood supply. If the circulation to the legs has been affected, it is possible that cramps will occur. It is then necessary to take precautions against getting leg cramps and ensure that your diet includes plenty of liquids, including water. You should also look into various types of leg cramp treatments as this will help you get rid of them once and for all.

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Everyone experienced headaches. Many things can cause headaches such as fever, colds, flu, or even an infection. So emotional trauma such as lack of sleep and depression.

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6- Split hair

Split and damaged ends are the most common in hair. It’s not always apparent; Therefore, many people tend to fix them. Even with their insignificant appearance, split ends can have a huge impact on the body and overall health. The main culprit here is the constant use of chemical-filled hair dyes. When split ends occur, add more protein to your solution. Also, only use an organic dye for your hair.

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7-Bad breath

Bad breath is something that almost everyone has experienced: an unpleasant smell coming out of a person’s mouth. This is due to the food consumed or, in other situations, for example, dry mouth. Either way, bad breath causes a lack of self-confidence and should be treated as soon as possible.

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If you feel bloated continuously, this is not a good sign for your health. Because there is a good chance that you have insufficient stomach acid in your stomach. Thus, the food consumed is not properly broken down, which ends up causing severe pain. Rather than ignore the situation, see a doctor for help as soon as possible.

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Sometimes it hurts everywhere and rarely do we realize or believe that our body can be a victim of fatigue. This causes a constant feeling of fatigue and exhaustion, and if it occurs regularly, it means that the body is experiencing a significant nutritional imbalance. Your health insurance can help you cope with fatigue if you have one.

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10-Purple Phalanges

The joints can turn purple and swollen in some cases. This is probably an indication of a decrease in collagen levels in the tissues caused by conditions related to the internal disorder. When this happens, see a doctor as soon as possible.

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11-Pain after exercise

Although the pain after exercise is not completely abnormal, it requires special attention. If you are in pain and are aching and tired, after each exercise session. Most of the time, this is an indication of a serious injury to the body. You should consult your doctor immediately.

12- The thirst.

The first important sign of diabetes is an unusual and excessive feeling of thirst. Drinking lots of water is normal and healthy, but if you notice that you are thirsty all the time, something is wrong. You’d better consult your doctor.

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13- A need to urinate.

Obviously, if you start drinking a lot more than usual, you will also need to go to the bathroom more often. In addition, hyperglycemia increases urine production. This is why it is important to count your visits to the toilet.13 of 13

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