10 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Coca-Cola

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Soothe a Jellyfish Sting

The reason why Coca-Cola has healing capabilities on jellyfish stings has been debated for years. An Australian study from 1993 showed that putting Coca-Cola on a jellyfish sting helps reduce the pain by about 25-75%. Not bad. Vinegar is probably the best option. Unfortunately, nobody walks around with a bottle of vinegar in their back pocket. You are way more likely to have quick access to Coke when you’re at the beach.

Fun fact: When Coca-Cola was promoting “Coke in the Morning,” the company was conscientious about its marketing campaign. They made it seem that Coke was easier to access than a hot cup of water. However, they made sure not to imply that Coke could replace orange juice because the Coca-Cola Company owns Minute Maid as well.

Hair Curler

Using Diet Coca-Cola cans as hair curlers were made famous by Lady Gaga when she did it in her “Telephone” music video. You just add a little hairspray and blow-dry your hair. Once your hair dries and cools down, take the cans out. Basically, the same way you would use regular hair curlers. Real curlers will probably work better, but if you don’t have any on hand, this can be a great replacement./life-hacks/everyday-coca-cola-hacks-and-fun-facts/img/cocacola11_MobileImageSizeReigNN.jpg


Fun fact: In 2006, two Coca-Cola employees tried selling the super-secret Coke recipe to Pepsi, while letting them in on new products still ion development. They handed over confidential papers to a Pepsi executive… or so they thought. It was actually an undercover FBI agent hired by Pepsi. Pepsi has stated that the competition needs to be “fair and legal.”

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