10 Baby Names that Millennial Parents Don’t Choose Anymore

Will Malcolm Stay or Not?

For millennial parents, Malcolm won’t stay on their list of baby boy names. Malcolm is the anglicized variation of the Scottish-Gaelic “Mael Coluim,” a name that was made for St. Columba, a very important and popular saint in Scotland./parenthood/10-baby-names-that-millennial-parents-dont-choose-anymore/img/millenialBabyNames10-700x1050MobileImageSizeReigNN.jpg

Malcolm Barrett at the NBC Universal TCA Summer Press Tour at the Beverly Hilton Hotel
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The name Malcolm was widely known in the 1990s and 20th century, which happened to coincide with the time when Scottish immigration to the United States was prevalent.  However, the name Malcolm has been slowly becoming unpopular among the 21st-century parents.

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