8 Rules Prince William and Kate Middleton Need to Follow That Other Royals Don’t

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Prince William and Kate Middleton are the future King and Queen consort of England, so they are bound by special rules that don’t strictly apply to other members of the royal family. For example, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expected to seek the Queen’s approval on many things, including their wardrobe and holiday plans

1. The couple needed Queen Elizabeth II’s permission to get married.

The Royal Marriages Act 1772 obligated all members of the British royal family to seek the sovereign’s agreement before getting married. However, this was repealed and replaced by the Succession to the Crown Act 2013, which applied the requirement only to the first 6 people in line to the throne.

As the eldest son of Prince Charles and the apparent heir to the throne, Prince William, is currently second in line and is covered by this rule. His grandmother didn’t appear to have any objections and willingly gave her consent.

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